JEDI's Indigenous Adult Learning & Literacy programJEDI's Indigenous Adult Learning & Literacy (IALL) program helps Indigenous people achieve their goals by linking them to opportunities to obtain their GED, master the 9 Workplace Essential Skills and/or to enhance their computer skills.


The Indigenous Adult Learning & Literacy Program offers:

  • Career-planning programs,
  • Links to Workplace Essential Skills,
  • GED programs,
  • Digital Literacy training,
  • Personal Cyber Security training,
  • Financial Literacy,
  • Upskills for Work,
  • Family Literacy,
  • Customized learning for First Nations communities and Indigenous peoples in New Brunswick.

Here's what clients are saying:

I completed the financial literacy program online and I must say it was very well thought out....the material was easy to read and an instructor was available when and if you needed help. The best part was being able to do this on my own time....this gave me the chance to read and reread the textbook if needed. I have learned how to budget better and how to save better than I did before. I recommend this to anyone. Thanks for the opportunity to do this.


Traditional Teaching Fund

To ensure provincial Indigenous Workplace Essential Skills (IWES) initiatives within First Nation communities have the capacity to include Indigenous traditional teachings & ways of knowing within the program delivery, the IALL program will support traditional teaching activities in collaboration with provincial Workplace Essential Skills (WES) initiatives for Indigenous learners at a maximum of $500.00 per initiative.  Examples of activities supported are: Elder/Traditional Knowledge Keeper, Beading, Sweet Grass picking, Basket making, sweat lodge ceremony, Blanket Exercise, longhouse construction/teachings etc.


  • Activity must include Indigenous traditional teachings/ways of knowing and be incorporated in to a IWES initiative
  • Reimbursement will be issued upon receiving receipts/documentation and the activity is completed
  • Maximum of $500.00 per initiative

Application Process:

  • Community Employment & Training Officers and/or DPETL Program Officer may apply for funding through the IALL Coordinator

If you are interested in learning more about JEDI’s Indigenous Adult Learning & Literacy Program or the Traditional Teaching Fund, contact Karen Paul at  or (506) 444-5650.