Who is JEDI and What Do We Do?

The Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI) is an Indigenous organization dedicated to supporting Indigenous participation in New Brunswick's economy.  JEDI began in 1995 as a tripartite partnership between Indigenous communities in New Brunswick, the Government of Canada and the Government of New Brunswick. In 2009, JEDI was incorporated as an independent, non-profit organization and over the years JEDI has grown into an Indigenous organization focused on working closely with its partners from Indigenous communities, organizations, government and the private sector to foster Indigenous economic development in New Brunswick. 

JEDI focuses its work on the support of Indigenous:

JEDI is governed by a Board of Directors representing New Brunswick's Indigenous community and the province's business community.

JEDI Mission: JEDI works with partners to foster economic and workforce development for Indigenous people and communities.

 JEDI Vision: Honouring traditional values, we strive for full Indigenous participation in the New Brunswick economy.