The JEDI Business Incubator Program helps new and early-stage businesses gain the knowledge, tools and confidence they need to turn ideas into reality. The program includes weekly training sessions, business coaching, and Indigenous guest speakers.

As part of the program, participants will benefit from:

  • a personalized business presentation;
  • a customized business support plan;

  • instruction in business fundamentals ranging from financial management to marketing;

  • keynote speakers’ presentations;
  • mentorship from successful entrepreneurs;
  • networking events;
  • development resources;
  • perks such as free tools and discounts;
  • connections to the greater startup eco-system.

Participants are also connected to financial resources and receive advice on how to raise capital. They will meet with research and development organizations, successful entrepreneurs, and business support organizations.

The project is supported by the Government of Canada, the Government of New Brunswick and multiple industry partners.