Launched as part of the New Brunswick Aboriginal Shipbuilding Engagement Strategy, the Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI) Aboriginal Business Accelerator is a unique 10-week business accelerator program designed to help Aboriginal entrepreneurs take their idea to market or grow an existing business. Each cohort consists of 5 entrepreneurs who learn:

  • human resource management;
  • business development;
  • financial management;
  • how to raise capital;
  • project management;
  • research and development.

Participants will attend a weekly class, pursue a personalized study plan, obtain a customized business support plan, receive mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs in their same sector as well as receive connections to financial resources and advice on how to raise capital. Financial assistance will also be provided. No equity is taken in any participating company.

Accelerator participants will also have one-on-one time with key resources such as venture capital funds, research and development organizations, successful entrepreneurs, defense industry representatives and business support organizations.

The first cohort began the program in January 2016.

The initiative is supported by the Government of Canada, the Government of New Brunswick, Bank of Montreal and the members of the New Brunswick Aboriginal Shipbuilding Engagement Strategy Working Group.

A new Accelerator website will be launched shortly.